These are the projects that I am currently working on, sorted by starting date.

Current Projects

2020-06 VocabularyAlarm

I am working on an alarm app that only allows to dismiss alarms after one has learned a set amount of vocabulary correctly.

Technology stack: Android, Kotlin, Anki

2020-05 DrivenData - Hateful Memes challenge

DrivenData is a platform that hosts machine learning challenges for solving societal problems. The Hateful Memes challenge was created by Facebook, and the goal is to detect hateful memes given an image and a text of the meme, which means any solution to this problem has to be multi-modal. Detecting whether memes are hateful is challenging because a combination of benign text and benign images may sometimes be hateful. Also, often you need to have some background knowledge to decide whether text, images, or a combination thereof is hateful. I entered the competition on May 21. and am currently in the data exploration and data curation phase.

Technology stack: Python, TensorFlow and Keras

2020-04 Jekyll Vue plugin

Vue is a reactive web framework, Jekyll is a blog rendering engine. I am working on a Jekyll plugin that allows seamlessly integrate Vue single file components into your Jekyll posts.


Technology stack: ruby, Jekyll, Vue.js, webpack, yarn, npm, git

Finished projects

2020-04 TinyDB - Encrypted JSON Storage

A TinyDB storage implementation that features AES encryption.


Technology stack: Python, TinyDB, git